to replay a song, or start from the beginning.
mr vegas' song, 'Pull up', "Tek it from di top if yuh waan gear it back,
Gal and mek mi hear yuh holla holla (PULL UP!!!!)"
by October 13, 2007
Pull up refers to pulling up in the drive way to pick up your date as well as physically pulling yourself onto them in bed.

It's a flirtatious term popularized in hip hop by artists such as Drake, Beyonce, Bloody Jay & Bun B.
(Pull up on you) I gotta pull up on you,
You gon' make me have to pull up on you

Beyonce - Mine Lyrics
by BowDownBitches January 07, 2014
1: A type of disposable training pant, made by Huggies, that is very similar to a diaper. Commonly used by toddlers during potty training, to "bridge the gap" between diapers and underwear.
Father: "The toddler didn't make it to the potty, his Pull-up is wet"
by xXanonymousXx October 05, 2012
when a dj physicaly lifts the needle off of a record because the crowd is rapidly moving from potential energy towards entropy
say when a fight breaks out or something. be creative
by aeztek November 12, 2004
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