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Pull is another word for a 'hit'. It could mean from a cigar, butt, blunt, bowl, bong, or any other smoking device. Most commonly referred to for blunts.
Everybody just chill and take like two pulls and pass - Gangstarr - "Take two and pass"
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
5 11
Influence, as with persons able to grant favors. An advantage over another or others.
Clubber #1: Yo, can you get us to the front of this whack ass line.

Clubber #2: Fuck dude, I don't got pull at this club.

Clubber #1: I thought you had pull all around town.

Clubber #2: Yeah but this place is new, I haven't had the chance to soften up the owner yet.

Clubber #1: Aw shit.

by Andres Aragon Camara September 25, 2006
16 20
To smoke a bong.
"Hurry up and pull that cone dude, that bong ain't a microphone."
"I was pulling my cone when he made me laugh; I coughed into the bong, shooting resin and weed out of the stem."
"I went home and pulled some billies."
by Diego September 11, 2003
7 11
to buy Cigarettes, Alcohol, Porn or anything else that Require a Legal age for some one who is underage.
My boyfriend will pull me a pack of smokes.
by LethalLynsi March 19, 2009
8 13
to get with someone. to engage in sexual activities w/ said someone. to fuck or drag.
'ey boy las night i pull this real fuckin hot gyal!'
by TriNiPIMP June 11, 2006
8 13
1. To grab hold of something, and move it towards you.

2. To stick you're tongue down someone's throat and have the same done back to you.

3. Opposite to push
1. I pulled the door handle, and it fell off.

2. Jack pulled me at that party, it was great!

3. You push the car, I'll pull it!
by Wooly April 18, 2004
37 42
to snog sumone
mate i pulled so many fit birds last nite u cannot belive.
by mc flava 01 July 01, 2003
12 17