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A beaded or knotted cord pulled from the anus during orgasm. The cord can be pulled slowly (one bead at a time) or quickly.
Liz is in need of a good pull start!
by Hugh G ass February 16, 2007
A term used to describe any Punjabi who wears a turban.

Term is meant to describe the action of pulling the turban in a manner similar to starting a lawnmower.
If another pull start moves to Brampton, i'm outta here!
by Skeeve January 31, 2006
1. (v) a play on the phrase used to describe the method of starting a lawmower, pull start refers to a hand job begun while the a dick is flaccid. Unlike a hand job, a pull start does not continue until completion.
1. She wanted to get down so she gave me a pull start.
by D. Ward May 05, 2010
When an individual quickly removes a set of anal beads from another person's anus, in the same fashion as pull starting a lawn mower or chainsaw.
"She was loving it! That is until I gave her a pull start... She started right up!"
by Stellawasalizard September 08, 2014