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a person over 21 years old who buys alcohol for someone underage
John's my pullout. He bought these two cases of Bud Light.
by Orbet June 18, 2005
The phrase political candidates use in describing one of the actions the government should use in regards to the troops in Iraq.
see also: sexual innuendo in a political context.

-"We need to pull out our troops from Iraq immediately!"

-"The right thing to do would be to pull out our soldiers."
by lil'- bitchin' February 05, 2009
When someone of legal drinking age purchases alcohol for someone who is below the legal drinking age.
"Gustave just turned 21! Have him 'pull out' for the party!"
by Arakati May 22, 2008
to pull your dick out right before jizz comes out so you do not get the girl pregnant. also girls love it when you pull out.
yo max, yesterday i was doing some hooker without any condoms, so i decided to pull out right before i thru my man juice in her pussy. she loved it.
by jack50 March 10, 2008
The action of pulling out an unexpected item from a weather-resistant piece of clothing (e.g. coat, vest, sweater). The item is usually something edible or completely ridiculous. The most common pull out is a Wendy's Triple Burger.
1)You: "Man.. I'm hungry..."
Dave: "Oh are you well... *pulls out food item* OOOHHHHHH"
Everyone else in the room: "HE PULLED IT OUT!"

2) You: "Dave, what is that in your coat?"
Dave: "What, it's just my stomach..."
You: "Oh really ... Pull it out!"
Dave: "Alright ... *pulls out big red bat* OHHHH!!"
To leave early from a party.
Man, I've got to work early tomorrow. I think I'm going to pull out.
by N Jacobs June 23, 2004
margaretsanger is wrong
it does not contain sperm, unless the man didnt piss since the last cum

it does contain STDs though
i've been practicing the pull out for years and still didnt get anyone pregnant
by Roman Dasovic March 18, 2006