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the act whereby an overrated football team builds up a big winning streak and artificially high national ranking by beating up on inferior competition, only to lose a bunch of games and get killed by truly good teams at the end of the season, thus exposing them for what they truly are.
"Clemson started off the 2011 season 8-0 and ranked as high as #6, only to 'pull a Clemson' and lose 4 of their last 5, get embarrassed by their rival South Carolina, and then give up the most points in bowl history to West Virginia in the Orange Bowl."
by CaliCock January 07, 2012
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To make it to a big stage or high point and then fail beyond comprehension. To fail miserably.
When someone screws up a work:
Well I guess you will have to talk to the boss about that - you pulled a clemson.

To my son, You have a test today. Well don't pull a clemson.

When the check out clerk at Walmart rings up an item twice - Hey you pulled a clemson on my bill.

References: 2012 Orange Bowl
West Virginia 70 Clemson 33
by ACC_SUCKS January 06, 2012

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