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To speak or act without thinking and cause anger, annoyance, frustration, disgust, or tick off a friend.
He pulled a Pro and nearly got kicked out of NNK.
by MtgPro April 21, 2005
Pull a Pro means to succeed in getting a prostitute up an alleyway for a quickie.
My friend and I hit the town for the night. We had a few drinks then went to the Red Light district. There we watched kerb crawlers and women getting into some of the cars. My friend saw some women wearing extremely tight jumpers and tight short skirts. As he left me before walking towards them he said "I'm going to "pull a Pro""
by St. Ias December 20, 2005
Similar to "bogart" when speaking of joints.

To get a thing as part of a series of people expecting to get the thing, but to not pass the thing onto the next person is to "pull a Pro".
Clint: Where is that camera? When can I expect it?

Skippy: I sent it to Matt five weeks ago. You don't have it yet?

Clint: No.

Doug: Wow. Total "pull a Pro".

All: agreed.

Aaron: What camera?
by Del Bastedo November 09, 2005