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noun; usually used in reference to young men named "Brendan", in sync with "The Incredible Hulk".
adj; 'pulk' comes from a more lengthened word which in slang has been shortened to the term "pulk", meaning cute or adorable.

noun 2; a sexual position, some refer to as "bronco style".
Pulk often dreams about whipped toppings.

Aww, he is soooo pulk!

Bronco style is the way Pulk likes it!!

Ride her, Pulk, ride her!

When he was licking my naked body while choufeurring me around, he looked really pulk!

Father Shwammie and Pulk are so fine.

I wanna ride Shwammie PULK STYLE!! (aka BRONCO STYLE)

See: 'Bronco' for more information
by Marty and Carty Dilisicont July 01, 2003
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