"dick" in Romanian.
a city in Croatia, the tip(head :D) of a peninsula.
currency in Botswana.
"rain" in Setswana
"Pula, unicul cuvant care te umple'n gura,
Membrul de sub padura dat Element Bizaar,
Il are'n pantalon, orice Cacanar".
"I visited Pula couple of years ago."
"Mooom, would you give me 5 pula i wanna buy a condom".
"Look, pula is falling from the sky!"
by Tzumby December 20, 2004
Top Definition
the Romanian word for dick/cock
Imi bag pula-n mãta
Esti o pulã bleagã
Sugi pula la urs
by Razvan Fechete January 30, 2004
1)Dick in Romanian
2) No
Sugi Pula
Sa-mi bag Pula in mata
Dute-n Pula Mea
Sa o iau pe mata in pula
Tarami-as pula pe coliva matii din bomboana in bomboana
sa ma sugi de pula
2) Ete pula
by Arabs Rule The World February 13, 2005
1)The romanian slang word for 'penis'. Used in various contexts can have different meanings. Also, used in almost all of the swears (beside the word mother).
It's somewhat equivalent to 'fuck/the fuck' in english.

2)Currency of Botswana.
I don't know = Pula mea...
What the fuck? = Ce pula mea?
I don't know why the fuck= Nu stiu de ce pula mea
Fucking arround = Pulareala
Fucking wait = Stai in pula mea
YO! = Mã pula
Get the fuck over here = Treci in pula mea incoace
Stupid fuck = Prostu pulii

The prime minister has alot of pula.
I want some pula!

by keeekeeess August 31, 2007
organ de reproducere masculin
imi bag pula in mata sa-ti fac un frate/
ori ne futem ori ne cantarim dar de pula nu ne batem joc
by Milky the Great January 20, 2005
"pula" is the romanian word for dick
it is used for swearing and for methaphores
ia pula ba fraiere
dete-n pula mea de amarat
mosh craciun are pula ca o acadea in spirala

Ba tu ma iei la pula.(english: r u making fun of me?)
by bratoveanu marius March 30, 2005
the cock in Romanian
joaca mai frumos în pula mea..
by Kostas Tsampikas November 09, 2003
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