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1)The romanian slang word for 'penis'. Used in various contexts can have different meanings. Also, used in almost all of the swears (beside the word mother).
It's somewhat equivalent to 'fuck/the fuck' in english.

2)Currency of Botswana.
I don't know = Pula mea...
What the fuck? = Ce pula mea?
I don't know why the fuck= Nu stiu de ce pula mea
Fucking arround = Pulareala
Fucking wait = Stai in pula mea
YO! = Mã pula
Get the fuck over here = Treci in pula mea incoace
Stupid fuck = Prostu pulii

The prime minister has alot of pula.
I want some pula!

by keeekeeess August 31, 2007
Hungarian people who live in Romania and refuse to learn Romanian, thus pissing off Romanian people by having biligual schools and street signs. They also want to form a state in Romania making it a state in a state. Bozgors are hated by native Romanians since 1500 untill now.
Omfg i could kill that stupid bozgor. Because of him we printed exam subjects in 2 languages.

Every true Romanian hates bozgors. They try to steal half of our country!

Stupid bozgors why don't they learn Romanian like other nations who settled here did.
by keeekeeess April 03, 2007

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