It means Dick in Romanian
It is very often used by "Manelari"
Tu sugi Pula,fraiere!
(You suck cock,looser)
by Astro666 November 25, 2006
One who during two consecutive races takes a crap in the woods. This can be used as any part of speech.
When running, Pula Plulaed.
by Ben Pula February 01, 2005
Pula means dick in romanian language.
Yaka tala pula is often used phrase which means She wants dick
by hekii88 September 19, 2007
the word for use most for sheuring
robert suge pula mea
r mia luat pula in gura
robert suge pula lu r

poponari iau bagat pula in cur lu r
by skyppy September 28, 2005
PULA - is a penis(dick)
sugeti-pula ku Romania voastra
nahui aruncati-va peste fereastra.
suck my dick with your ROMANIA
and what a fuck jump from the window
(de la karinaie moldoveni )
ganja rules:)
by [DM] January 06, 2007

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