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An Italian surname, taking its origins from the 'Pugliatti 'of the Puglia region of Southern Italy. A common surname in Sicily (rank 5th) and Northern Italy due to south-north migration. Not to be confused with Pugliese an adjective describing the people of the Puglia region of Italy.

Come vai di cognome? (what's your surname?) = Puglisi
by dan puglisi July 11, 2006
moody, inconsiderate, acts like or is first born
"I want to go to mighty taco" ~puglisi "we dont"~4 other people "its my house and my tv and my halo so we're going to mighty"~puglisi
by BEAT MODE March 09, 2005
One who lacks the maturity to interact with his peers, and henceforth occupies his time with middle-school and high-school girls.

See: pedophile
Has anyone ever been a puglisi?
by anonymouswhat May 03, 2006