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code name for testicles

take the first letter of the persons first name and replace it with the first letter of the word nuggets

Paul = Puggets
Howard = Huggets
John = Juggets

Paul's puggets were on my knee, gross!
by Nicole Horton September 15, 2006

A piece of information that is slightly obscure and that would make an ideal pub quiz question.

Pub (quiz) + Nugget (of information) = Pugget!
The answers to questions like...

'Who did Val Kilmer play in the film 'True Romance?' or;

'Who is Gary Oldman's sister better known as?'

...would qualify as 'puggets'.

In a sentence:

"Did you know that Gary Oldman's sister is Big Mo from Eastenders?"

"Really? That's a great pugget!'
by P&C Holdings Ltd, Koh Samui February 06, 2011