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A spin off from the word "Mo" which is short for Homo comes "Big Mo" which describes a really outrageously gay person.
Person 1: OMG check out the guy in the pink unitard

Person 2: Such a big mo
by HarveyBB June 30, 2009
Momentum. Used especially in sporting events.
Yes! We just scored a touchdown and recovered a fumble! We're still down by 14, but we've got the Big Mo now!
by bro2baseball August 04, 2009
An outragously obvious homosexua, male or female.

A code used across the world between friends to point one out without causing offence.
Bob: "Check the Big Mo on the dance machine"

Jon: "Slap a wig on dat and call it Mary"

Mat: "I ain't never seen one so bent"
by AndrewAndrew July 10, 2009
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