The opposite of MILF. Stands for Pretty Unlikely (Too) Fucking Fat. Generally used by guys cruising the streets but could be used by gals too.
Cruising down the street you see a nice blonde with a pushchair and a big fat chick.

"Nice MILF shame about the PUFF."

by saber sharp March 03, 2009
A word invented by a stupid company to try and sell some shitty pizza. Only losers and company representatives (often a combination of the two) ever think about saying it. The last kid to try and say it in public died 12 hours later from internal bleeding after he was raped by a power drill.
"Hey, that was heaps puff" - Loser
"Dude, you do realise you will be now raped by a power drill?" - Kid in the know
by AlexW~~ March 14, 2006
A word used in Domino's Pizza advertising in Australia for their Puffection crusts, meaning "wicked, cool, the ultimate". The word is rarely used in such a context, even in Australia, and if someone does use it in such a context, they are considered either fag or bogan.
As used in ads:
"Oh man, this pizza's puff!"
"Yeah, so puff!"

As used in real life:
"Oh man, this pizza's puff!"
"Get outta here, you faggotish bogan."
by Taylor R March 23, 2006
A delicate word to describe a quite possibly foul smelling emmission of gas from the anus.

This distracts from the physically disgraceful act of releasing in a public area.
Also known as fart.

Simon: "jesus! what on earth is that putrid smell?!, Marik was that you??"
Marik: (is foreign and doesnt understand) *nods*
Stuart: *chuckles* (aside) "it was me that puffed!!!"
by Pooese October 07, 2009
Incorrect spelling of poof, meaning gay (homosexual).
Spiros: Your such a puff.
Chris: You mean poof, you poof.
by chrism225 June 07, 2007
pregnant ugly fat friend, a subclass of the DUFF
My exgirlfriend got knocked up. Now she is a PUFF.
by rock082082 July 25, 2006
A blanket filled with down feathers. It is extremely warm and especially good for the winter.
Coleman had never heard of a puff until he went to college but now he wishes that he had a gorgeous, warm, thick, feathery blanket to adorn his bed.
by Coleman Your Wrong October 25, 2005
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