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the external genital organs, esp. of a female.
the vulva.
one shouldn't confuse the pudendum with the perineum.
by anotherloiner May 04, 2007
Another word for Vulva, also a latin word meaning "thing to be ashamed of."
Sceptics: I am afraid that old women in their more secret heart of hearts are more sceptical than all men: they believe the superficiality of existence to be its essence, and all virtue and depth is to them merely a veil over this 'truth,' the very desirable veil over a pudendum-in other words, a matter of decency and shame, and no more!
Nietzsche, The Gay Science, Book Two, #64
by KiwiVanilaXtract September 18, 2007
The section between the snatch and the bunghole on a ho. Fun to nibble.
Pudendum, homie. Pudendum.
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 21, 2003