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A small airplane used to transport a minimal amount of people.
"Did you fly in on a big airplane?"

"Naw, it was just a puddle jumper."
by Mack Daddy: The Sequel June 24, 2006
British. A male homosexual; a noofter, a ponce, a heemasex, a friend of Dorothy. Also puddle-skipper.
The instant I heard he had been to a Westlife concert of his own free will I knew he was a raging puddle-jumper.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
A small prop-jet that is usually used to cover short distances but which also scares the shit out of you because of all the extra turbulence that comes with it.
When we switched planes in Atlanta they gave us a puddlejumper down to Daytona and I barfed all over K-Fed who was seated in front of me.
by C. Griffin October 23, 2007
One who is 'light on his feet'. A gayboy, a mincer.
Fuck me! Look at that puddle jumper! Yeah, I bet he's good with colour!
by morphinemitt April 28, 2008
A light aircraft, particularly a single-engined private aircraft with limited range and performance; used perjoratively by "real" pilots.
"The day job is jockeying 777's, but I have a Cessna puddle-jumper for the weekends".
by eighth of seven January 30, 2010
Small spacecraft created by the Ancients. Several of these ships were discovered in various hangars in Atlantis, and are used by the Atlantis Expedition for various purposes. Puddle Jumpers feature retractable thrusters that allow them to travel through a Stargate, as well as powerful drone weapons for self-defense and a cloaking device to avoid detection. They are operated via neural interface, and so the ATA gene is required to activate and pilot the ship.
Lt. Col. John Sheppard got into Jumper 1, their puddle jumper, with Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex, and Dr. Rodney McKay.
by SG-Me February 15, 2010
A small airplane or land vehicle (car, truck) that appears to be wholly inadequate for the task of transporting passengers, or even the driver for that matter.
Mike: You drove all the way from Minnesota in this puddle jumper? You're braver than I thought.

Toni: Hey, don't diss my ride, I love my Beetle!
by Bellboy April 22, 2007
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