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Pissed Up Carrying On
When some is absolutely wasted and they become a burden on you and friends, often wetting themselves or pissing in the wardrobe, groping everyone, throwing up all over your kitchen/garden, trying to have sex with people, ending up sleeping in your bed and making the whole house smell like sick and alcohol. But it's funny afterwards, right?
Jasmine: Jesus Wept, Katie was puco last night right?
Olivia: Totally! I mean, throwing up in a pan is one thing, but pants round the ankles is a whole other story! Did she grope you?
Jasmine: She did more than grope :|
by NoreenSandySam March 09, 2008
A giant stuffed dog.
Logan got a puco, It's huge!
by fricken_idiot August 23, 2005

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