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Salvadorean slang 4 saying "puta". Is used when 1 does not want 2 b as vulgar as when saying "Puta".
A la gran puchica vos perdi mi pasaporte. Puchica que gran carro.
by Josueezi September 16, 2003
Salvadorian slang. A more censored way of saying <I>puta</I> which both mean: fuck.
Puchica, se me olvido los papeles!
Fuck, I forgot the papers!
by la mera GUANACA September 13, 2004
in guatemala, the less vulvar way to say puta. its more acceptable to say in public.
a la gran puchica
translates to something like "oh crap" (it doesn't quite translate well). you say it in sort of a "holy shit that was crazy" sort of thing. but its not really a swear.
by dmaria October 20, 2006
in guatemala, the less hurtful way to say puta. Lots of Guatemalan say it, even little kids. :P
a la gran puchica

translates many things mostly "oh crap" or " oh Shit"
Depends on how it is said.
(it doesn't quite translate well).
by MixedChapina June 24, 2009
slang word in el salvador that means whoreor ho but censored also used as fuck
puchica, que estupida eres!
you bitch, you are soooo stupid!
by maxine_la_gringa April 26, 2006

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