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The ultimate annihilation. An infinite and immeasurable force, simular to that of the Mjölnir (Thor's hammer), exerted upon an unsuspecting victim. It is said that to puce someone is to kill them 868 times over, totally destroying them physically and mentally.
I just totally puced him!
I've been pucing all day!
I've just been puced :(
by FearnD February 27, 2012
a reddish brown color; ask a person what color they think "puce" is and it becomes a test: only classy females and classy feminine males get it right.
Kara: "what color is puce?"
Bob: "uh, pink?"
Kara: "yea, you're straight."
by vampyra1 July 18, 2004
A disappointing cum shot.
Dan I went to give my woman a facial last night when the moment arrived I totally puced.

Mike Haha you loser, was she pissed off?

Dan Yah dude, there was hardly enough to wipe on her chin.
by Mr. Stimpy August 25, 2010
A lady fart that travels to the front.
"Eww, your puce stinks."

"Sick, I just puced and it felt gross."
by Amelia Jorgensen September 13, 2008
Something that is bad or shitty.
Erin: Man, I tried to take a huge shit but it wasn't ready
Sandra: Dude, that's so puce.
by Unis August 31, 2007
Female who flirts with every guy in sight, female who steals boyfriends, female who turns every guy against other girls. Canadian word.
Oh my gosh, Sara's boyfriend dumped her last night for Katie, god Katie is such a puce
by Lena June 05, 2004
the color of vomit, often used as an option for the category of "wedding dress color" in the game of M-A-S-H
Sally: What color will Marcia's prom dress be?
Beth: Well, I can't stand that girl. I hope it's puce.
by roxxy May 08, 2005
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