IS GOD. resembles brackets. always implied; immense love for archeology and bowling. has 'morals and values'. amazing in the sack, due to tight asian/italian pussy. only here for two things: good food and good sex. super hot and has amazing AZN reflex skillz; l337.
"pucci totally pwned you in perfect dark."
"pucci is my hero." *hic*
by Sarah Anne May 04, 2005
Top Definition
emilio pucci, italian high fashion designer known for his prints. not to be confused with gucci.
i bought the hottest pucci dress for the party. those cheap ass hos ain't gonna known what hit em.
by puccipro October 01, 2011
Pucci is an Indian word for Vagina or Pussy.this word came from an Indian language 'MARATHI'.Pucci=Pussy.
"yo bitch let me squeeze my cock deep in your Pucci"!
by Ra Skull October 14, 2011
A crunchy pizza snack often sold in cafeterias. This homemade snack is made with extra virgin olive oil, and can be also be used for pleasure during sex. Often makes an explosion of thick crumbs, which only appear when the pucci is crunched.
The pucci is $1.00, but it is worth a lot more.
by chong lumberjack gerardo 17 April 03, 2009
adj.-a man in a relationship who lets the woman take complete control
nasser would b the most pucci kid in our grade if he could get a girlfriend
by max November 13, 2003
PUCCI, as opposed to GUCCI. Refers to a busted drag queen's choice of clothes or inability to wear female clothes convincingly.

also see: party city wig
Oh girrrl look at that queen's half zipped dress!!

Girl, that ain't Gucci, that's Pucci!!
by Allison January 04, 2005
a guy who lets the girl take complete control in the relationship, he's her biatch
nasser is pucci, if he could get a girlfriend
by max November 13, 2003

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