a home security system used to protect belonging,technology,or your own children.the system operates by plucking a pubic hair from a greasy white trash mans pubic area and is placed upon the object that is being defended,it is an extremely effetive system
pube-safe was first advertised on the comedy central show "important things with demetri martin" and is now used world wide,especially among american households.
aww,dude.no way im touching that!" "why not?"" theres a fucking pube on it!theyre using pube-safe!
by awesomesecretsauceman March 01, 2011
Top Definition
An object is pube-safe when it is SO safe, that not even the most desperate of thieves will touch it (caused by being shrouded in pubes)

First seen on Important Things with Demetri Martin
"I'm not touching that! There's a pube on it!"

by Angryblackguy March 16, 2009
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