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Pubes. Plural. This is an new deragory term for the kids that are 10-15 that play online and do nothing but cuss like its going out of style. I think everyone knows what I mean. These kids think that everyone that plays probably cusses a lot and therefore they cuss in order to try and fit in a be cool. However, this behavior is considered to be annoying. A common response to these kids is for them to come back when their balls have dropped. Since they are typically in the early stages of puberty, they are called pubes.
These kids also think it is fun to t-bag everything, to bunny-hop, camp, and generally play like a bunch of n00bs. The whole time they cuss, often depending on the word "Fuck".
Pubes would be referring to the whole group of these people, and Pube would refer to just one of them.
What really makes them annoying is their prepubescent voices. Constantly hearing the fuck word from squeaky voices is enough to drive you mad.
I was playing Counter-strike last night, and I had to stop playing because of all the pubes. They were driving me crazy. If I had the power I would kick all the stupid pubes from the world.

"Come back when your balls drop, pube."
by T3h Shr3dd3r April 28, 2008
16 31
Hair that grows near your 'danger area'! If you shave it it gets itchy,and if you leave it's itchy!
Trimming is your only option,but shladies and females should wax it.
by 0niTTRay January 07, 2004
1668 454
abundance of hair in the pubic area
His pubes are like a fucking jungle. Tigers and little Indian tribes that run around with spears and yell AAAAHHHHH!!!! roam and reside there.
by robby sullivan May 12, 2003
1141 518
all that hair around your reproductive area
what color are you pubes?
by I\'m jacking off September 07, 2003
909 398
A course, curly hair that grows around teh groin of both male and females. Often found on computer desks or on the carpets in your friends bedrooms.
Hmm their seems to be an alien pubic hair in my gin, I don't know whos it is...

I managed to staunch my bleeding anus with expired pubes from off the landing
by Nihility February 08, 2004
701 225
pubic hair
eww that bitch needs to wax her bikini line, everyone can see her pubes
by dawn June 15, 2002
669 435
A single strand of hair from the pubic region. Characteristically curly and smelly.
MOM! There's a pube on my toothbrush again!
by Allah Pinya March 11, 2003
419 211
pubic hair. men want u to shave it and its basically required, but if u hav dark thick hair then you know that it's not that simple...
"Shave ur bikini line. Ur pubes are showing, thats disgusting"
by mmmmmms May 04, 2006
527 368