The person who wrote about the British Isles and Eire must have had one over the eight
in the local pub. Before I give the definition of Pub may I please give a quick geography
lesson. The British Isles is a geographical unit which includes the island of Ireland.
The author of that definition mixed political geography and regional geography in much
the same way as those eight plus the one over appear to have been mixed.
Eire is a different unit to Britain in political geography but not in regional geography.

Ah yes I almost forgot, before I return to the pub for more pints, that definition -
Please underaged barred.
The Primrose Bar and Restaurant, Ballynahinch, Co. Down in the north of Ireland
is an excellent pub and should be included on the itinerary of all visitors to Ireland
by Stias September 12, 2005
Commonly used shorthand for "Public House". Pubs are non-membership bars serving all sorts of alcoholic beverages. Most commonly found in the British Isles or Eire.
Let's go on a pub crawl!
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
A meeting place where people attempt to obtain advanced states of mental incompetance by the repeated consumption of fermented vegetables.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
British Culture held inside four walls and roof
Guy #1: Pub tonight?

Guy #2: Fuck yeah!
by Ascension April 22, 2007
Short for public house (an English term for a bar, or place that serves alcohol)
Fancy coming down the pub for a beer
by IanM September 14, 2003
pubs is the plural to pub - british for does not mean hair on your genitals, that would be 'pubes' to whatever fool put that in
"hey lets go to a few pubs first before we hit the clubs"
by Cawnar S July 30, 2005
A meeting place where people attempt to achieve advanced states of mental incompetence, by the repeated consumption of fermented vegetable drinks.
Red Dwarf pub scene:

Kryten : "What is this place?"

Rimmer: "Its a 'pub'."

Kryten : "'Pub'? Ah yes, A meeting place where humans attempt to achieve advanced states of mental incompetence, by the repeated consumption of fermented vegetable drinks."
by Vodka Head March 29, 2005
1. (noun) A public player of an online game, often refered to in the sense of a neophite or noob.

2. (noun) A noob online playing not affiliated with any clans, groups or associations.

3. (adj) A public game or room on an online game.
GG pub, u got owned.
by Georgeoffrey December 20, 2004

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