In gaming, pubs are 'Public Players', or those random people that are in a server with you. If you don't have enough friends to make a complete team or squad, you might get some pubs to fill in the spaces.

Pubs can also refer to online servers without passwords as well.
Player 1: Agh, we don't have enough Infected. Wanna let some pubs in?

Player 2: I guess.

by Soundyman August 16, 2012
A pub is somewhere you should feel comfortable to spend the whole day and even take children during earlier hours. It should be a cosy place, decorated in a friendly and welcoming manner, if a little naff. There should be games available such as pool, darts and a quiz machine. The better ones will even have dominoes, chess and backgammon sets behind the bar. There ought to be a jukebox around with the entire Led Zeppelin discography or at least get the lads to bring their guitars and fiddles and we'll kick up a tune ourselves.

If you're there at lunchtime hours expect pies, fish & chips and a half-decent tikka masala to be available, if your in during later hours than you'll have to make do with crisps, pickled onions and Scotch eggs. If you're good mates with the landlord, however, he may be willing to make you a sandwich when you're absolutely tanked at 1.30 am.

If the pub takes even the least amount of pride in what they do there will be a good choice of real ales such as Hobgoblin and Old Tom served at cellar temperature as these actually taste of something unlike near-frozen mass-produced lagers. The good ol' water-of-life should be in abundance be it Irish, Scotch, Bourbon or otherwise. In short, a pub is the very focal point of civilised society.
The pub down the block is my favorite hang out
by YBrenin April 07, 2014
When a relationship is known to everyone, even if the people involved are unaware of the dissemination of this knowledge.
Have you heard about jack and Jill? They really are so pubs. Even my history teacher knows they are dating.
by Friendlymidtown December 25, 2013
A very close friend of the opposite sex, with strong emotional and spiritual ties.
I befriended my pub five years ago and no matter the distance or time between us we have always remained close friends.
by Ohthewise September 28, 2013
the plural of pub.
short for public house.

It is a type of drinking establishment for all legal ages and is a great way to spend the afternoon or after work drinking with mates.
Lets go to a lot of pubs tonight.
by turkish00 October 18, 2005
After your dead from rushing, your teams still base camping..for the rest of the game.
People from Ch13 clans that get horny over pubs.
by infamous69 August 31, 2009
someone who's in special ed. also known as slow, sped, retarded.
Bobby went through the double doors to go to his pub class.
by Dee66 January 12, 2010
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