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pretty lil hawaiian girl who plays guitar and is very lovable.
pualani is one fine mami
by chris  September 15, 2007
Pualani is Hawaiian, it means Heavenly Flower, Lani means Heavenly, Pua means Flower... and Hawaiians play da ukulele.
Pualani, is a pretty name.
by Ma'alea808 April 06, 2009
Blossom from heaven, to blossom with mana from lani, expanding power and growing strength, like a stem extending and bursting out leaves, juicy with mana from source. A bud unfolding its petals, with definiteness of purpose. To go forth, to flower, to advance. Beautiful, and attractive, with that mana.
She attracts birds, bees, and everyone else like a Pualani!
by Granuaile March 14, 2010