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A girl's wet pussy.
Originally from Tech N9ne's song - Pu Wah Wah
"she got that pu wah wah wah
drip drip drip
it's a puddle on the ground, girl go on get a towel and wipe it up"
by FLjuggalo December 02, 2010
1. A vagina that smells suspiciously of asshole. 2. The fluids secreted from an exceptionally moist pussy. Known to cause inconvient puddles on the floor.
1. ” That bitch was so foul, she had a straight pu wah wah.” 2. slamminator- “Whose bottle of water is this?” lunchbox-“Don't drink that man. I saved some of your mom's pu wah wah in case you didn't believe me when i told you i fucked her.”
by godcmpl3x August 05, 2010
The dance you do when you clean the kitchen.
She got that Pu Wah Wah Wah, drip drip drip. Its a puddle on the ground girl, gon get a towel and wipe it up wipe it up wipe it up.
by the_waitresss October 28, 2011
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