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All we need in Hennesey, then Sprite. Squeezing in a twist of lemon.
You don't make this drink by the gallon, you make it by the cup.
Make your night go right with a KCTea.
Tech likes to make it in a real big wine glass.
Lemon or lime, it don't matter.. Man that sounds real good, tastes good too punk.
This is Tecca Ninas Kansas City spiked Tea.
Fill the cup full of ice first, cause the Hennessey will melt a little ice.
Whatcha want? Whatcha need? Whatcha havin'? What will it be? KCTea
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by the_waitresss October 28, 2011
The act of kissing ass and/or brown nosing in a person's face when in actuality you really have ill feelings toward that person.Also, this is Kansas City Lingo, but a humongous single. Jeffin' is ass kissin', then talkin' trash, dissin'.
When you see me rolling up, stop Jeffin' stop Jeffin', they be like what's up? Stop Jeffin' stop Jeffin', yeah you. Stop Jeffin', we ain't cool. Stop Jeffin'.
#tech n9ne #kutt calhoun #feature presentation #tech #n9ne
by the_waitresss October 28, 2011
The dance you do when you clean the kitchen.
She got that Pu Wah Wah Wah, drip drip drip. Its a puddle on the ground girl, gon get a towel and wipe it up wipe it up wipe it up.
#816 boys #tech n9ne #tech #n9ne #gates mixed plate
by the_waitresss October 28, 2011
When you see a fine girl walking down the street in Kansas City, and once she gets in the car she pulls a gun out of her purse and takes your shit.
Girl: Kansas City's cool, you know you just gotta be aware of that Kansas City Shuffle.

Driver: The Kansas City Shuffle? What's that?
Passenger: Yeah, the fuck is that?
Girl: It's like this....
Gun shots.
Driver: Oh shit bitch!
#tech n9ne #tech #n9ne #mlk #kansas city shuffle
by the_waitresss October 28, 2011
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