Acronym: Paid to Poop


n. 1. The phenomenon of being paid to defecate which occurs when pooping at work.
2. a break to poop at work.

v. the action of pooping while being paid to do so.

Origination: This term was born from the U.S. government Dept. of Finance whose overuse of acronyms caused 2 friends to create amusing acronyms for everything. The term was quickly embraced by manufacturing throughout the Midwest.

ptp1.5 - Overtime Pooping
(pronounced ptp one point five)

ptpx2 - Double Time Pooping (pronounced ptp times 2)

ptpx3 - The elusive Triple Time Pooping
(pronounced ptp times 3)
"I'll be a little late for the meeting Craig, it's ptp time."

"How long has Mike been on ptp?"

"I like to adjust my schedule so that I ptp at work instead of at home."
by Craigmont Zarda July 06, 2005
Poke The Pooch - screwing off at work: FTD-Fuck The Dog. STP-Screw The Pooch. PMP-Pound My Pud. WTW-Wank The Weenie. TTT-Tickle The Twat. There is no end to this kinda crap, ya know....
Really, you need an example for this? "I didn't do anything but PTP today at work."
by NIKISAM! January 24, 2009
'Cut' abs or 'well definied' abdominals ('abs') which points to penis/pussy. Derived from 'OPP,'made famous by Naughty by Nature song in 1990s.
D'Angelo has PTP's.
Pink has PTP's and a gut, which is rare.
by Costanza November 14, 2005
pass the pussy- term created by residents of south west houston
==say nigga, that girl you meet at the club is something nice

=yeah she is huh

==so you go PTP

=hell ya nigga
by dr. c-note March 29, 2006
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