Pre-Teen Passion....overwhelming feeling when you are near an attractive pre-teen..but you cant tell anyone because it is bad
Man....I got the PTP bad earlier today when I was walking in the mall.
by Mike C 232 June 24, 2009
Top Definition
Pro to Pro
When a pro comes in contact with another pro
When chu and freshpro met in heroes of newerth, it was true ptp
by skbLimo October 07, 2011
acronym: Pound That Pussy

A derogetory term used to say "have sex".
Bob: That girl is hot!
Jeff: PTP!
Bob: Dick game!
by PussyVomit September 03, 2008
preteen porn or preteen pussy or preteen penis. referring to a person of the opposite sex that is 3 or more years young than you.
Senior: Dude that freshman is so ptp

ptp is not for me

ptp is just for me
by Sachk December 23, 2006
Piss their pants
We need to show our customers something that gets them so excited that they PTP
by ukblokester January 31, 2013
Acronym for pretty tight pussy.
Last night, I banged Megan, and guess what the best part was? she had a ptp.
by sprinter October 26, 2008
poppin' that pussy; having a gay ole time
Watch her ptp on a handstand!
by ms biotch January 09, 2011
PTP - Post Travel Paraylis
The illness one endures after arriving home from an extended period of overseas travel. The victim can't be bothered getting out of bed or off the couch as he/she hates that it is all over and they are back to real life. The victim is now broke and living with his/her parents. The victim also can't be bothered getting a new job or starting study again as all he/she wants is to be back overseas and away from their crappy home town.
Can also be described as PTD - Post Travel Depression.
I can't be fucked going out. I got PTP!
by BECKnozBEST September 03, 2008
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