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Psychodiversity is a measure of the total diversity of thought within a system. This diversity can be found in different religions, political perspectives, sexual orientations, intelligence levels, philosophies, diets etc.

High psychodiversity can be thought of as beneficial in a similar way that biodiversity is understood to be be so. Different views and perspectives allow for a greater chance that humanity will be able to successfully navigate through a crises or even day to day living. High psychodiversity makes a system more robust and likely to adapt to a changing environment successfully. In addition high psychodiversity makes for a more interesting environment. Flexible participants with diverse views are able to interact in novel ways allowing for unpredictable emergent activity. Psychodiversity is fuel for evolution.
Just as is the case with countries, companies and organizations that foster a healthy amount of psychodiversity are able to more successfully handle economic downturns and thrive.
by semeiotike July 21, 2009
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