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A psuedophile is a person who constantly tells self-flattering lies to his friends in a pathetic attempt to make them think more of him.
Matthew: "A biker put a gun to my head because I'm higher up on the ladder than he is. Then I smoked 15 cones, drunk 2 cartons of Jacks then drove home. On the way I had to stop and beat up twelve abbos with one hand, the bong was in my other. Then I picked up 10 smoking hot drunk girls, banged them all and dropped them home, apologizing to their boyfriends on the way coz I'm a good guy. The cops pulled me over and breathalized me on the freeway but i told them I only lived around the corner and they let me off for the third time in a week. I have a supermodel girlfriend who I got pregnant but you guys can't meet her or see her. Ever. Now I'm an ice dealer."

Matthew is a psuedophile.
by Grazer1989 May 15, 2009

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