A sound generally used to convey annoyance.
Person 1: I'm bored.

Person 2: So am I, but I'm not complaining.

Person 1: Pssht.
by Christian Waters October 08, 2006
It can mean whatever you want as it is used in many situations.

It is most commonly used when a person is annoyed or disagrees but can be used to agree and insult and whatnot.
Guy1: I want some Kool-Aid.
Guy2: Pssht, that shit is amazing.
Guy1: Pssht yeah it is!

Guy1: What's up man wanna go hang out?
Guy2: Pssht. (walks away)
Guy1: Pssht.
by Sean W D June 10, 2009
Pssht is a greeting.

All you have to do is stick out your thumb, index, and pinky fingers and say, "Pssht!" whenever you see your friends.

You can do a behind-the-back pssht or an under-the-leg pssht, etc.

You can say it really long, like "Pssssssssshhhhhhht," usually by adding more s's and h's.

The pssht is kind of like Spiderman -- oh wait, except NOT! Notice how Spiderman doesn't use his thumbs, his webs come out of his wrist not his fingers, AND he doesn't say "Pssht."
"Pssht" said Josh while psshting.
by Webby December 23, 2004
used to interrupt. kinda like "shut-up". usually used with the "hand in the face".
kate: i know you ain't....
(while kate's talking) jen: "pssht"
by stef December 10, 2004

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