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Pseudoporn in reference to media describes an image or that which creates an image which is borderline pornographic and in some debatable cases, actually softcore porn.

Pseudoporn can be found in various forms of media including but not limited to: animé, comics, young adult novels, and PG13 movies.

Pseudoporn is often used to draw in a larger viewership by teasing the audience with sexual content, but never giving them what they expect or want.
I went to an R rated movie last night expecting some action, but I was disappointed to find it was just pseudoporn. If I wanted to watch porn I'd just have stayed home!
by Dr. Aarben November 05, 2014
An image that appears to be porn but is actually a photo of something else.
Bill: "My wife took some closeups of a flower the other day, I told her they looked just like her vag."
Mick: "Ha Ha, you must have a thing for pseudoporn!"

Eric: "I loved seeing your hot pussy on webcam, Jessica!"
Jessica: "That was my brother's armpit, douchebag."
Eric: "Oh no! I just tossed off to pseudoporn."
by Vortigern April 24, 2010

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