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An image that appears to be porn but is actually a photo of something else.
Bill: "My wife took some closeups of a flower the other day, I told her they looked just like her vag."
Mick: "Ha Ha, you must have a thing for pseudoporn!"

Eric: "I loved seeing your hot pussy on webcam, Jessica!"
Jessica: "That was my brother's armpit, douchebag."
Eric: "Oh no! I just tossed off to pseudoporn."
by Vortigern April 24, 2010
A large bucket from which one consumes large quantities of alcohol within a short period then vomits back into it. This process is often repeated with fresh beer with or without rinsing a number of times in one night.
Eric: Did you see that girl at Bill's party the other night? She chugged a tonne of beer in like ten minutes!
Harry: Oh yeah, she was doing a chugbucket.
Eric: Gross!
Harry: Yeah, she did it about five times, it was sick!
by Vortigern August 11, 2012

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