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backjump = fast sprayed graffiti. mostly made in the time a train/bus is waiting at a station.
"Yo, it was me and Suer, right. On a tuesday night
Had green, brown, black, two blue shades and white
Cosm.i.c stayed home but BIF crew stay tight
Staking out the steel dragon for a true spray fight
In other words a backjump" - Looptroop : ambush in the night
by JZ April 28, 2004
it's gonna kill us all
as soon as it mutates to spread from human to human, bird flu is gonna kill us all
by JZ April 11, 2005
Fence sitting, sitting on the fence, sitting on a fence, are all terms for someone who refuses to make a decision. Usually it describes someone who will not take a stand on two very defined and clearly opposing options/opinions. This can be both good and bad.
Clair was angry that Mandy occasionally used drugs; Mandy thought drug use should be legal. Angela was neither for nor against it, and sat on the fence about it, instead trying to calm her friends down.

The politician, when questioned on abortion, sat on the fence, never giving a clear opinion; he was afraid of losing support from the right or the left.
by JZ June 15, 2004
Being real shitty.
Boy that movie was a bunch of horse shit, the sex scenes were ok, but it ended really crappily.
by jz March 11, 2004
A combination of preppy and punk. The best of both worlds. Mainly applies to kids who want to be punks, but can't conceal their inner preppiness.
Jenna is a prunk!

Youuuuu're mom's a prunk!!

Avril is prunk'd out.
by JZ February 15, 2005
the white, cheesy substance that surfaces due to excessive amounts of perspirsation.
Spread my fermunda like an eagle, bitch.
by JZ December 06, 2003
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