1. Keep your head down. Keep you eyes, ears, and mind open/sharp.

2. Respect/Re-examine your vulnerability and that of other people.

3. You're not as tough as you think you are.

4. Ask yourself "Is (this) conflict really worth the risk of death/significant damage? Is there a better/safer/more humane way to solve this problem?"
"Protect ya neck, kid."
by officialblackperson May 16, 2010
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What you need to do when the Wu comes for that ass.
Wu-Tang Clan:Ya best protect ya neck!

Average nigga:Word

by Phish77 August 14, 2007
protect : watch
ya : your
neck : dick
so protect ay neck means to watch your ass
"watch ya step kid... yo ya best protect ya neck" - wu tang
by JuicyJaii February 16, 2008

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