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Protard is a combination of the words "professional" and "retard", and is generally used someone who is consistently stupid in their actions.
"You put a quarter on my seat? You Sir, are a protard."
by Godspeed December 05, 2004
A professional retard; the next level of retardation.
Two plus two equals fish? Are you some sort of protard?
#professional #retard #dumb #special #protard
by The Ultimate Wordsmith February 08, 2010
Countable common noun: Protard(s): (pro-tard)- A name given to supporters of retards or special-education people
Person A: Haha! Look he has drool on his chin!

Person B: Quit make fun of the person!

Person A: Your a Protard.
#protard #tard #retard #pro #professional
by Shard Dardedar December 09, 2009
One who acts as both a professional and retard, thus is professionally retarded.
George W. Bush is the ultimate protard.
#professional #retarded #retard #pro #jerkoff
by winnie1493 January 08, 2009
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