Used in gym lingo, short for protein.

"What's the matter bro, forget to drink some prot before getting jacked today?"
by Clint45u99 April 08, 2009
Top Definition
slang for Protestant
that prot's a Catholic basher!
by ScottX October 22, 2006
Short, possibly derrogatory derrivation of Protestant. this word is usually used by individuals who are Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox and have had unpleasant encounters with protestants.
Those prots came to my church and told me I'm going to hell because they think we worship Mary. They need to stop being misinformed.
by Fatha B November 06, 2009
A word Douche Bags Faggots Use thinking it means Cute/Pretty (Beautiful) + Hot put Together
Whoa She's Sooooo Prot

A: Wow She's really Pretty (Beautiful). B: Hell No! She's Prot!!
by Im qwerty December 20, 2010
Short for Protection in World of Warcraft
Mage: "Are you prot speced?"

Warrior: "Yes, I am"
by ProtWarrior March 20, 2009
used to replace any word in a phrase as long as the audience or listener can properly assume what the replaced word is.
1. I protting hate this guy.
2. Holy prot!
3. I gotta prot before we leave.
by D.B. Fox January 29, 2009
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