One who recieves money for sex. It is not empowering, it is keeping women exactly where men want you. The saddest line they have is, "Don't do it for free". That line speaks a thousand words. It tells exactly what they think of sex. It is a job, a chore. That it isn't fun, a bonding experience, intiment. That is very sad.
They like many trade get a lingo down, such as; We are not hurting anyone. They hurt plenty of people, thousands per year. Other women, children of that family. The men they see, and themselves. They also hurt the community. They hurt the value so many do not place on what should be the bonding that take place when joining with your love. They help incourage Sex trafficking. They say things like, if you would satisfy your husband/boyfriend.... Thye do this to help make themselves feel better about their empty lives, and not take any resposiblity for the destruction they cause. It is said to be the oldest profession, it isn't, agriculture is. Unfortunitly between prostitutes and the media our daughters are going to grow up, and it has already begun, to think this is all they are worth, what they are here for. Prostution is nothing but darkness
by J Lindsay March 05, 2006
Top Definition
1. (n.) One who will perform sexual acts if payment can be arranged. (Payment does not have to be moeny.)
You ARE a prostitute??? Damn mom, that's cold... that some real cold shit.
by Adolf Hitler jr. April 04, 2003
Description: fuck 4 cash
Xample: who needs 1???????????
by Anonimous January 28, 2003
A women who sells her body to a variety of creeps, low-lifes and degenerates. The majority of her wages goes directly to her abusive scumbag pimp who takes pride in the fact that he arranges for her to be degraded at the expense of scum.
Since when was it Okay to go screw and fuck with a bunch of killers, junkies and perverts?
by BadLieutenant June 21, 2004
Someone who has sex for money/jewellery, gold etc..
by Cool Guy June 26, 2003
Verbosely defined as someone who sells their own personal morals and/or values for the idea of money, not necessarily for sex.
At work I feel like I prostitute myself, having to agree with my boss, lest he fire my ass.
by Stephan Smolka January 06, 2009
A prostitute is someone who will love you no matter who you are or what you look like
Chef, what's a prostitute?
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
A celebrity who sells their "integrity" to corporations and hawks their goods in commercials!
Wasn't that the "Jeopardy" host on that commercial saying how good a phonics program is?

Yes, one of the hoardes of celebrity prostitutes
by Piranha November 04, 2004
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