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An individual who is destined to advance quickly in an organization.
Anyone who read Good to Great in college is gonna move up in this company, that kid's a real propellerhead.
by That Guy February 19, 2005
In reference to those beanies with the spinning propellers on them. It's slang for a trendy techno-geek.
That goofy guy with the long hair and glasses is our Computer guy, but he's a hardcore propellerhead.
by M.R.R. July 08, 2003
A geek or computer nerd
Nigel is real propeller head, he spends all night programming his computer.
by Dimitri W. Ponirakis September 28, 2005
Non-geeks use this term in refrence to geeks. Geeks use this term in refrence to a geek that spews crap that he/she doesn't really know anything about.
non-geek: That guy has a Linux pda, what a propellerhead

geek: That propellerhead is vomiting random termanology in my face.
by ribo August 30, 2004
A BMW enthusiast. Comes from the fact that the BMW logo was inspired by a spinning airplane propeller, which dates back the BMW's beginnings as an aircraft manufacturer.
Man, that kid is such a Propeller Head! He knows BMW's like the back of his hand.
by BMW Boy September 24, 2006