One who changes prom dates at least twice before the dance.
"Danny ditched maddy for jane and jane for makenzie!"
Really? "what a promstitute!"
by dinoboy75 April 23, 2011
Top Definition
A person who in one year, goes to more than one prom not including their own.
Bob: Hey guys, I'm going to the junior AND senior prom and I graduated last year!
Fred: You're such a promstitute!
by Myrddin April 14, 2003
promstitute, n, is somebody, usually a random person that you hire to accompany you to your senior prom
*not to be mistaken with the word prostitute, promsitute services are not of any sexual nature, but merely for picture/quintessential high school purposes
For example, asking a classmate you prolly never talked to to go to prom with you because they prolly never got asked or didnt ask anybody, and of course, you dont want to look like a loser on one of the most important nights of your highschool career.
So, you ask, "Hey (insert name here), would you mind being a promstitute on prom?"
by kristothemae April 20, 2009
A person, usually one of the female variety, who comes off as a major slut at a prom party by either:

1) Wearing a very skimpy, inappropriate dress
2) Dancing in a very sexual manner with partner
3) Stealing other partners
4) Fucking around during prom, or
5) All of the above.
Girl: Oh my god, look at that girl, she is dressed like a total promstitute.

Boy: Oh dude, did you totally see that promstitute dancing in the techno room? I'd totally tap that!
by PJ Queen May 31, 2009
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