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Paying upwards of $100 for prom and prom-related expenses while remaining mostly interested in the horny, sex-crazed activities that follow.
%: Dude, why are you shelling out for prom? Do you even have a date?
&: Naww, it's really just promstitution.

The naked man at post-prom was clearly a promstitute.
by Electrollysis May 09, 2011
Going to prom with a "promstitute" only for the guarantee of after prom activities.
I have decided to not partake in promstitution and instead hang out with my friends.
by Delaplace March 30, 2008
When you pay someone to go to prom with you
I got arrested last week for promstitution...I paid a man to go to prom with me...turns out the man was a cop
by Kuraful September 14, 2015
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