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Much like a handjob, it is somewhere between nothing or something
I gave her a promise ring
by Doug Baskims September 20, 2008
424 633
a ring that someone give to their guy/girl friend that signifies their pure love for eachother and that they will always be faithful to them...pretty much a less iron clad wedding ring for teens
I'm ready to show her I'm commited, I bought her this promise ring.
by anonymous June 14, 2004
1633 1037
1. A tactic teenage boys use to get with a girl without using normal means
2. One way ticket to vaginaville
I gave my girl a promise ring, and now she's a total nympho
by joemorgue September 21, 2005
1019 573
A ring of any shape and size as long as it’s not from a gum machine that portray you marrying he/or she in the near future. Most likely you two will never marry or you would have given her an engagement ring
Baby, with this promise ring. I promise that some day, don't know when or don't know how but we will get married...Now close the door,it's getting a little chilly
by Robbie G September 19, 2007
721 511
a ring teens, mostly girls, wear to say that they wont have sex till marriage. Mostly done for religious reasons.
the jonas brothers or jennifer hudson discussing promise rings with Russle Brand at the MTV awards 2009
by sbcutie April 12, 2009
237 417
A ring a girl gets that signifies that she wont be a slut/whore/hoe
Girl:Hey do you have a promise ring?
Girl2:noo....I get some
by realdeal12344 March 18, 2010
330 520
A ring given by a teenaged boy to hide his infidelities
Sally: "You're cheating on me....I know it!!"
John: "Baby, I love you and to prove my love I want you to have this promise ring. Now everyone will know that I love you."
Sally: "Ohh, John!! I love you too. I have to go make this my facebook status, and call my BFF Susie"
John: "Ok me later."
John: "Hey Susie, its John....she doesn't suspect a thing. I'm on my way...."
Susie: "I can't wait, me so horny...."
Sally: "Susie, guess what? John just gave me a promise ring!!! He loves me, and I was way off about him cheating on me."
by JoNate F December 28, 2007
357 557