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any problem associated to prom, also refers to prama

coined by a Mr. Wade T. G. on May 12, 2009
A: damn man, Bob has so many promblems this year...
B: damn dude, same with Joe
by wadetg May 14, 2009
11 2
a problem related to prom
Amanda: I have a huge problem, it turns out I can't go to prom!
Jonah: Looks like you have got a promblem!
by iamgladyoucame March 14, 2012
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prom problems
Shula's got 51 promblems but a bitch aint one.
by xoxo_gg March 14, 2010
1 1
Any problems relating to or as a result of the high school prom, i.e. you chipped a nail before the prom, your limo which was going to take you to the prom got a flat tire, your prom date turned out to be a huge d-bag, etc.
Sarah: "Stacy! I just got my dress back from the tailor and it's 8 inches too short!"

Stacy: "Why don't you whine to someone else about your promblems. I have better shit to do."
by Leuer September 08, 2009
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