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Prolapsed palm occurs when the normal anatomical structures of the hand are worn or damaged to the point of collapse and disfigurement.

The condition of prolapsed palm is typically caused by a combination of the following conditions. Loneliness, hornyness and a lack of sexual partner over a long period of time. The causal conditions compound to the point where the individuals sense of limits and self control are no longer present. Causing the individual to jack off (masturbate) obsessively to the point of total collapse of the hands anatomical structures.
Jason: ouch!!! hand is painful. I can't even grasp a can if beer today. Since the wife left, it's been getting such a work out I can't think of anything else.

Junior: Jas, you better give it a rest or you're gonna end up with prolapsed palm.
by MikeBus November 11, 2010

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