University educated younger working professionals often living in newer, trendy, upscale type of neighborhoods. Most believe their higher education puts them a good cut above most poor in society and will lead them to a peaceful, quality, happy successful existence in life. Some men living this type of lifestyle can often been seen riding bicycles and often enough put an 'S' on the back of their car windshields at least in Albuquerque, NM or put something about 'Superman' on their license plate to boost their ego or accomplishments. These types of people are the new super hero's in society at least to their own type. Contrary to what most believe they are NOT liberals but more conservatives. They try to 'defy all stereotypes' so the critics can't possibly classify them into any negative based category of which has worked well. It is a trendy respectable thing for them to advocate positive change for humanity or environment but they often look after their own interests in practical reality.
A younger progressive University educated lady asks me what are you buying all the vinegar for? She says your trying to 'go green' and save the environment aren't you? She says that's such a nobel cause as she checks out with her organic veggies and fruits. I refer back that I'm just poor and vinegar happens to work better or be cheaper than other cleaning supplies. She immediately takes a disinterest after that response never looking back again.
by hongestguy87110 July 23, 2009
(noun) In favor of improvement of the human condition, specifically via technological innovation and development
You support new taxes on home builders? I thought you said you were progressive.
by Starchild September 18, 2003
a pre-party you go to just to get drunk before the real parties...usually includes a bar and serious likwid
After slamming 10 shots at the progressive, I went to the party to get drunk.
by Nick D February 23, 2003
The difference between liberals and progressives is the difference between thought and action.

Aware, consienctous, flexible, realistic;
Promoters of Harm Reduction.
Journalist: Are you liberal or progressive?
Paper Pusher: Liberal. Isn't Progressive an Era?

Journalist: Are you liberal or progressive?
Outreach Worker:What do you think?
by Lord Pandiora November 04, 2006
Usually a political term used by liberals to describe themselves even though liberals want to get rid of technology, weapons, and all the things that make life better.
Progressives think they so smarty. They think their brains so big.
by Iggy Hazard December 15, 2003
People who believe in improving the human condition to a higher plateau of being in civility, ingenuity, and public policy that benefits all people. Progressive is a state of mind and a state of being. People who consider themselves as progressives do not only think, but also act in accordance to their beliefs.
Progressive environmentalists will use alternative means for transportation that do not damage the environment such as biking and driving hybrid automobiles.
by xntrc October 11, 2005
A political platform defined usually by, but not limited to, the developmental advancement of American society through pragmatic and practical means. Contrary to right wing beliefs, Progressives are not the second coming of communism and the russians, instead they seek to improve the lifestyles of the vast majority of Americans by providing tax funded benefits that would help the country grow as a whole.
Neo Con: "Those damn progressives are trying to finish what stalin started! My sign SAYS SO!"

Spectator: "You do realize you're holding that thing upside down right?"
by Waterboy72 November 15, 2010
1. The new Derogatory term for "Libtard" aka "Liberal" aka Commie or Socialist.

2. Individual in favor of reviving said early 1900's movement to cull corporate and government corruption, protecting the average American, and expanding civil rights.
1. Damn Progressives! They want to destroy our way of life by taxing the shit out of us and making the government run every damn thing by socialising America so they can bow down to those terrorists and commies while taking away our guns so that we can't fight back. Fucking Liberal baby killing pinko unamerican surrenderist welfare state handout socialists!

2. Damn government! They're robbing the middle class Americans so they can give money to the rich by cutting their taxes and bailing them out with our social security we paid for and giving them monopolies on everything we damn well need like gas and healthcare while they screw over the working class who can barely keep a family working 3 different jobs! Fucking scumbags want to cut low income benefits so we all end up like penniless beggers on the street so the wall street fat cats can buy better private jets.
by CommandoDude August 31, 2010

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