University educated younger working professionals often living in newer, trendy, upscale type of neighborhoods. Most believe their higher education puts them a good cut above most poor in society and will lead them to a peaceful, quality, happy successful existence in life. Some men living this type of lifestyle can often been seen riding bicycles and often enough put an 'S' on the back of their car windshields at least in Albuquerque, NM or put something about 'Superman' on their license plate to boost their ego or accomplishments. These types of people are the new super hero's in society at least to their own type. Contrary to what most believe they are NOT liberals but more conservatives. They try to 'defy all stereotypes' so the critics can't possibly classify them into any negative based category of which has worked well. It is a trendy respectable thing for them to advocate positive change for humanity or environment but they often look after their own interests in practical reality.
A younger progressive University educated lady asks me what are you buying all the vinegar for? She says your trying to 'go green' and save the environment aren't you? She says that's such a nobel cause as she checks out with her organic veggies and fruits. I refer back that I'm just poor and vinegar happens to work better or be cheaper than other cleaning supplies. She immediately takes a disinterest after that response never looking back again.
by hongestguy87110 July 23, 2009
A word left-wingers now use to describe themselves, because the word liberal has gained a negative connotation.

Once the term progressive has been dragged through the mud by right-wing pundits, a new term will again be chosen.
"Whoa man, who are you calling a 'liberal'? I support alternative fuels and the work of Bono and Al Gore. I'm a progressive."
by k-flash July 28, 2008
a socialist; a socialist political platform.
Dennis Kucinich is a proud progressive, (hence his single digit polling numbers).
by Clay Bertrand January 25, 2004
n. similar to a "progressive dinner," but with alcohol, where the party progresses from place to place with a different drink at each stop; typically themed with costumes
"Did you go to the progressive the football team was hosting last weekend?"

"The biology majors have the craziest progressives. They always have an awesome theme and go all out on costumes."
by jujubee33 April 20, 2010
The American collegiate method of getting inebriated, "shit-faced," intoxicated and/or very irresponsible before an event; usually held in a large house with varying rooms; participants "progress" from the first room to the last, drinking as many alcoholic beverages as humanly possible.
"Were you there at Dwight's Halloween progressive last night? We started with Mojitos in the lounge, and by the time we reached the Bacardi 151 room, I was drunk off of my arse. Hooray progressives!"
by Christine M. Chung October 29, 2007
A style of electronic music similar to trance and house, composeed of bass-driven grooves, repetative drumbeat, and deep and dark melodies. Usu. 120-145 BPM.
The DJ spins progressive; we'll be here for a while.
by DJdre June 11, 2004
a pre-party you go to just to get drunk before the real parties...usually includes a bar and serious likwid
After slamming 10 shots at the progressive, I went to the party to get drunk.
by Nick D February 23, 2003

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