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They are the ones who put their profiles up to find dates.
{profile Link} Rape me and I will love you.
by Remial DeLlende November 10, 2004
someone who continuously checks profiles while on aim, even if they don't im the person. may be used as a noun or verb.
(noun) That girl is such a profile whore, she keeps checking everyone's profile.

Erica: omg, there is going to be a huge kegger this weekend!
Elias: omg! how did you find this out?
Erica: i was profile whore-ing around earlier and i saw it on cindy's profile.
by Erica June 16, 2006
Chatroom people who constantly link their hot or not profiles over and over to gain attention and ratings...
A profile whore is worse than an actual whore, at least a whore gets money, these people show themselves off for free.
by SEmily July 21, 2004