Top Definition
(n) an asshole
a guy who cannot be trusted
likes virgins
uses girls
"what a probus, i cannot believe he'd date that girl" said bob
by peyton h. April 28, 2008
1. a douchebag

2. a boneheaded fool, a dork, fruitcake,

3. a hippie/ Beatles hater!!!!

4. a fool who doesn't go to the doctor, even though he keeps hurting his arm

5. a nice guy

6. ooogs <---exactly!!!

7. clueless , a completely clueless guy who doesn't get girls, but does at the same time

8. a cool kid
"Dude it's Probus, it needs no explanation." said Lemonade.
by Sir Ama Eciyoj March 07, 2008
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