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A business' excuse to deny you the benefits that your union dues are supposed to grant you for a stipulated period of time on the grounds that 'your dependability as an employee and union member have not yet been confirmed. Ha ha ha.'

The usual probation period lasts for three months, coinciding perfectly with the average student's summer break. Expect to be assigned huge overtime hours during this period.
"Why did I spend all of Independance Day bagging groceries for my surly fellow Americans but only have forty dollars to show for it? What about time-and-a-half?"

"Silly kid. That's what probation is for!"
by Garrrr! February 05, 2005
34 42
One of the only things that will keep a true stoner from getting high
Joe: Hey man you want to go smoke a joint?
Sam: Man i would love to but i can't.
Joe: Why not?
Sam: I'm on Probation man... i get drug tested once a month now and if i fail i go to jail.
by mirrorinthebathroom May 13, 2007
268 42
when your under supervision by a probation officer, whilst on probation you cannot commit any more crimes
it must be bad to be on probation
by fresh prince February 26, 2005
256 34
Set amount of time for some reason.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
83 73
When your girlfriend or significant other does something you consider bad... You put her on probation meaning no more kisses or PDA...
My girl was trippin.... So I just had to put her on probation...
by joseantara May 31, 2006
32 102